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K&H Global IT Solutions  is a preferred IT Service provider because of its Global coverage in 190+ countries. We have global engineers network of more than 10,000 engineers.


At K&H Global IT Solutions, we utilize an experienced team of people that operate with a global mindset on a daily basis. We understand the challenges of navigating local customs and laws, overcoming language barriers, understanding monetary regulations, managing currency conversions, and being sensitive to religious and cultural norms. We have the experience to surmount these obstacles while delivering world-class services.

GlObal Tech Services


While the trend of moving IT assets off-premise has grown in popularity over the last decade, there are still many requirements for on-premise IT infrastructure and technology assets. Installing, maintaining, and retiring these assets globally presents many challenges


K&H Global IT Solutions has established a global service center in Midland Texas that is staffed 24 x 7 x 365. From this location, we provide numerous support services for client dispatches and technology deployments around the world. We offer numerous remote services that can be used on a continual or ad hoc basis.


At K&H Global IT Solutions, our global support model allows us to perform on-site or remote services around the clock anywhere in the world. We understand that most dispatch events and technology deployment are multi-faceted and often require multiple services to deliver the final solution.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Disposal, Destruction and Recycle

Our secure IT asset disposal services, accredited by the environmental agency, can assist your organisation in achieving GDPR compliance and reaching sustainability goals, whilst also providing you with peace of mind that your data bearing equipment is disposed of safely, so your data stays yours.

Our professional IT asset disposal team is available 24x7x365 to de-rack unwanted equipment and ensure safe disposal. We are one of the only IT Asset Disposal Services companies who offer a truly global solution. The K&H Global IT Solutions services team co-ordinate cross-boundary activities to deliver a standardized service, whilst ensuring that all local legal regulations are followed.