Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64, télécharger

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64,

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6in1 x86/x64,

Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 6 en 1 k86 / k64,

Edition originale:

.: Schéma logiciel:.

Nom: Microsoft Windows

Système d’exploitation: Windows 10

Version: Famille, Pro et Entreprise (32 bits et 64 bits)

Langue: italien

Produit: Microsoft

Conditions d’utilisation: 29.07.2015

Configuration requise:

– Gère 32 bits (k86) ou 64 bits (k64) jusqu’à 1 GHz sur les pilotes

– 1 Go de RAM (32 bits) ou 2 Go de RAM (64 bits)

– 16 Go disponibles pour disco (32 bits) ou 20 Go (64 bits)

– Conception graphique DirectX 9 avec pilote VDDM ou supérieur

.: Remarque sur l’installation:.

Masterizza est dans le fichier iso ou crea una chiavetta usb avviabile con Rufus

Riavvia sur PC et via démarrage sur DVD ou sur Chiavetta USB

Sélectionnez la version d’installation et l’installation d’installation

Extrayez le fichier et placez-le

Fichiers de hachage

MD5: 3962b085acce6aa52ccf6e4dbfcf8d88

SHA1: 787d2996df4ad746196377b5337fa827285947a4

CRC32: ea54300a

MD5: 4e0e814fe68b4f9a5eafabb594fe1faf

SHA1: e960299022090b5e2d84c1cfbfd3f2b7c1dfe88c

CRC32: fce03845


True Grit 2010 download

True Grit 2010

True Grit 2010

(p8h0AgFpKH) About:


Container = Sailor (mkv)

Duration = 02:29

File size = 553 MB GB

Total bit rate = Mbit / s


Codec information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Resolution = 1920×1080

Show AR = | : 1

Bit rate = 9,805 kbps

Frame rate = CFR

Color space = YUV

Partial sample with Chroma = 4: 2: 0

Encoder =


Codec information = AC-3 | A_AC3

Channels = 6

Bit rate = CBR 384 kbps

Sampling frequency = kHz

Language = English


Windows Server 2019 10.0.17763.1577 AIO 12in1 (x64) Nov 2020 torrent télécharger

Windows Server 2019 10.0.17763.1577 AIO 12in1 (x64) Nov 2020

Windows Server 2019 10.0.17763.1577 AIO 12in1 (x64) Nov 2020

Modifier en fonction de l’image d’origine MSDN. Il s’agit de la mise à jour intégrée du 10 novembre 2020, ainsi que du SmartFix intégré et de Microsoft DaRT. Aucun changement cosmétique et ne peut être coupé!

Caractéristiques les plus importantes:

– Mise à jour intégrée le 10 novembre 2020;

– Cadre propre intégré;

– Activer .Net Framework (y compris i);

– SmartFix intégré, Microsoft DaRT et;

– Le système n’est pas en mode audit.

Liste des fenêtres éditoriales disponibles pour l’installation:

Serveur Hyper-V 2019

Configuration requise pour Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 Standard (installation Core Server)

Windows Server 2019 Standard (serveur GUI)

Base de données Windows Server 2019 (installation Core Server)

Base de données Windows Server 2019 (serveur GUI)

Une version de logiciel:

Langues: anglais, russe

Traitement: obligatoire mais non disponible

Configuration requise:

Processeur: gigahertz (GHz) ou supérieur.

Espace libre sur le disque dur: 25 gigaoctets (Go)


ARC Welder for Chrome x64 Update download torrent

ARC Welder for Chrome

ARC Welder for Chrome

The seamless Android emulator for ARC Welder means App Runtime for Chrome. The easy-to-use Android emulator allows you to effortlessly use the features of your smartphone on your computer. Because the app requires a learning curve, it is highly recommended by IT professionals and experienced users to test benchmark apps for Android. When downloading ARC Welder, you need to upload the APK file and configure the device you like.
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This helps you avoid annoying testing of applications or games on a small screen. The best part of using the app is its fully automated and intuitive system and user experience. The application retains the popular features of an Android smartphone, making it easier to work thanks to an intuitive menu, simple interface, easy-to-read buttons and sophisticated graphics. In short, you can try all Android software services on your Microsoft Windows computer without downloading ARC Welder Basic Authorization to ensure full Android delivery. Considering the many services, web browsing, intuitive interface, notification capabilities and easy access, Android Emulator for Windows is an ARC Welder? Chrome for Windows, Linux, and OS X. As mentioned earlier, the software is designed for developers and IT professionals who want to test software and applications before launching live. Helps you detect bugs or execution errors Although the tool was originally launched as a developer experiment, recently purchased with a Chrome extension, ARC Welder has become the best way to test applications on the big screen. After launching the Android emulator, you need to add the package to the existing menu of the application. You can choose to save to any folder or file that the ARC software can open with different settings, allowing you to leave the default settings. You can also change the menu settingsfor seconds. This helps you enter various software test settings in Google Chrome, mentioning that ARC Welder only works with APK files. So, if you want to successfully launch Android apps on your desktop or laptop, it’s important to download the APK file of the app you want to launch on the big screen. Can a quick Google search provide more download options for using the welding machine? ARC Welder is an easy-to-use, functional and trouble-free emulator. Sorry, you can’t install the app directly from the Google Play Store to try it out. The application requires downloading an Android application saved in a RAR, ZIP or APK file. When you find one of these files, you can immediately upload it to the app to start the trial version. Because the application is very responsive, it does not cause delays, errors or attacks. You can start testing your Android apps here, keep in mind that ARC Welder does not guarantee the compatibility of all Android apps on Windows computers. Some apps aren’t compatible with Android emulators, and you may not be able to work with them on a laptop. However, if you want to create a new app that is compatible with Chrome OS, Android, and Chrome Browser, this app is best to use an APK file in the app, you can specify whether you want the app to be downloaded in landscape or graphics mode. You can later configure the app for your tablet or smartphone. While programs like GameLoop and BlueStacks target game developers, does ARC Welder take a broader approach, allowing all IT professionals to try out different ARC Welder Android apps to provide regular updates? local software and files. The program displays a list of these files, which allows you to quickly search for APK files on your system. It also allows the app to turn the APK into a useful app. All applications canto launch directly in the Google Chrome browser. In fact, some Android apps can be downloaded from the database on your tablet or phone when you decide to sync files in a separate, common problem with ARC Welder is that there are no updates. Because the software does not update regularly, some files may not work properly on a Windows computer. As already mentioned, you should have no problems finding the APK on the web. But if the app is new, it may not be compatible with the Android emulator. You can still bookmark such files and check for updates, or try these files easily later.
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BurnAware Professional v13 Beautiful torrent

BurnAware Professional v13

BurnAware Professional v13


BurnAware Professional is a powerful CD, DVD and BD burning solution designed for users who need the best control over all aspects of the burning process and use multiple burners to mass produce different discs and create fast copies of floppy disks. This is powerful software that helps you handle everyday tasks faster and more efficiently. This program allows users to create data discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, bootable CD and DVD) and multimedia discs (Audio CD, MP3 and DVD-Video disc). In addition, BurnAware Pro helps you create and burn ISO images (supports ISO and CUE / BIN image files), erase rewritable discs, burn multi-disc discs, and even extract specific files from disc sessions and tracks from CDs. The program’s simple and intuitive user interface also makes beginners feel comfortable with the program functions.


Back up or copy your files to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc.

Supports CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / RW, BD-R / RE and DVD-RAM media, including high-capacity dual layer media.
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Supports universal disk format UDF, Bridge and ISO9660 file systems, including the Joliet Unicode extension.

Create an executable CD or DVD. Use it as a very large boot floppy disk for recovery purposes.

El Torito build support with advanced options: emulation type, sector, platform, download segment and boot notification.

Connect the multi-system disk. The disc can be used for sequential recording, because the new data exactly aligns with the previously recorded data.

Create an audio CD. Play CDs on a traditional CD player or car radio.

Writes a disc image. Create CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc from disc files. Psiphon Torrent
Supports ISO and CUE / BIN image files.

Standardize or run ISO. Back up or copy files to ISO image files. Supports multiple file systems and ISO levels.

Copy disc to ISO image. This function can be used to back up disks and copy discs.


The place:



HWIDGEN v0.9.1.1 (Windows 10 Activator) – SeuPirate baixar

HWIDGEN v0.9.1.1 (Windows 10 Activator) - SeuPirate

HWIDGEN v0.9.1.1 (Windows 10 Activator) - SeuPirate

Crie uma licença digital (HWID) sem KMS ou pré-instalação / atualização

No Windows 10, todos os sistemas, independentemente de como eles são ativados (seja por meio de atualizações do Windows 7 ou por meio de revendedores adquiridos ou BIOS embutido, conhecido como licenças MSDM), serão convertidos em licenças digitais baseadas em hardware (HWID) para máquinas que Coincidindo. Esta licença é armazenada no servidor MS ativa esta máquina assim que é instalada. Somente mudanças de hardware farão com que a licença seja perdida. Conectando-o a uma conta da Microsoft (MSA), você pode transferi-lo no último caso.

O processo só precisa ser feito uma vez na máquina.
Windows 7-10 Activator,Ms Word 2..7-2013 download torrent
Para a próxima instalação, ignore todos os comandos de tecla (selecione “Eu não tenho uma chave do produto” durante a instalação) apenas no modo online do MS Server exibirá HWID permitirá a ativação automática.

NOTA. Quando a versão de licença de volume é instalada com VLSC ou MVS Business ISO, você deve inserir a chave padrão de comércio / OEM para redefini-la.

Na verdade, isso é bastante simples não deve ser confundido com arquivos de sistema chaves de vazamento (* errrm roubadas).

A criação de ingressos foi aprimorada de acordo com cada edição do SKU MSU para que os seguintes métodos manuais possam ser aplicados a todos eles. Métodos automáticos também estão incluídos para a ativação mais simples funcionam com todas as edições do MS SKU são especialmente projetados para seguinte:

Edição com suporte do Windows 10 (SKU):

Core (para residencial) (N)

CoreSingleLanguage (N)

Profissional (N)

Treinamento vocacional (N)

Estação de trabalho profissional (N)

Educação (N)

Empresa (N)

Empresa (N)


CRC32: 7FF5D4A8

MD5: 004FB289BB62686F6EF597922838FA7A

SHA-1: AE86149DDB2CB5524E595E0312D7FF20885B4E58

Resultados gerais de vírus: 3/64: # / file / d69e8ef9f38ec5281aae05c1b1cb8c9b6689759aec0135c5376d5bf33b703d92 / discovery

Final Cut Pro 10